Practical information



Our shows are always two days - two certificates, and the vet control is only on saturday morning. If you want to come only one day, it must be on saturday, and you will still have to pay for the two days.

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We accept non-FIFe exhibitors, but only for class 9 to 12 : cats in open class (no title) or kittens. For class 1 to 8 - cats with titles, we accept only FIFe diploma, and your entry forms have to be countersigned by your FIFe club. Cats born in France have also to be registered to the official national french book (LOOF), and you have to give us the french pedigree number (some federation gives a new number when you register your foreign cat to the national feline book)


The paiement is possible the day of the show for foreign people, as we know that bank transfers are often expensive. But if it is not your case, we prefer to be paid in advance, because it is quicker on saturday morning. So please don't hesitate to ask us for the IBAN number.


Be careful for vaccination : the cats needs to be vaccinated against Typhus, Coryza and rabies for cats coming from foreign countries. There must be a delay of 21 days between the first rabies vaccination and the show, otherwise the cat will not be accepted. Cats have to be identified with microchip, and they must have a pet passport.


The cages

We have two kind of cages : our standard model dimensions are 120x60x60 cm for double cages, and 60x60x60 cm for single cages. We have also a bigger model with 140x70x70 cm for double and 70x70x70 cm for single, but we use it only for the biggest shows like Lyon, and generally for the biggest cats (MCO, NFO, etc...)